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Hello! My name is Abe. I am 17 years old and a junior at Mayo High school. I like to play Soccer and Lacrosse. I enjoy spending time with friends and having a good time. I like watching movies and and eating candy. my favorite candy bar is a Milky way bar. My favorite movie is The Patriot witch is about the American civil war. I like the action and historic part of the movie. I also like to ski in the winter time. I like to head up to Welch Village and hit the snow with my friends. I am also big into deer hunting. I like to bow hunt and shotgun hunt. Hunting can get a little boring when you are sitting out in the woods for four hours and never see anything. The worst time for hunting is in the winter when it is freezing. Every part of my body gets cold. Especially my toes and fingers. There have been so many days where I thought I would lose a toe or a finger. Patience is a big part of hunting. I feel that from all my years of hunting I have gained enough patience to enjoy hunting. It is really nice to just have peace and quiet in the woods as well. A time where I can reflect and think about my life. I have only shot three deer in my life time but the moment you get the chance to take that shot its really a heart pumping experience.

State tournament with U17 boys

I like nonfiction books because I enjoy hearing about something true that happened. My favorite nonfiction book is the Bible. I enjoy reading all the different stories and wisdom that it has to tell. Although I would say I do not read that many other books unless its school related. I do read the Bible everyday for the chance to learn and grow more.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured against you.”

Matthew 7:1-2 NIV

This is a Bible verse that I like to reflect and live by. I am a religious person. I grew up as a missionary kid. My parents worked for church related organizations and ended up living in Honduras, Kenya and Haiti. I was able to tag along with them and I got to experience many things in my life.

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My Addiction

The amount of time I use social media and the way I represent myself on social media has changed over time. I have adapted to social media in a way that works for me. Social media has become an addiction in my life. It has influenced me as a person and the way I act in my authentic life. In our digital footprint we describe who we are, in a sense. It may not describe our authentic self but it will describe our cumulative self. 

In the article “Seeing ourselves through technology”. Author J.W Reetberg states “In social media we not only present different fronts to different groups of people, as Goffman described in his foundational work on self-presentation (Goffman 1959; Markham 2013a), but we also change our self-presentation over time.” How has my digital footprint changed over the years that I have had social media? Over the past nine years of my life I have owned snapchat and Instagram. I have only had one snapchat account and two instagram accounts my entire life so far. I do not use my old instagram account because I forgot my password and can not log into it anymore. The old account is still out there on social media but I do not use it. In my old instagram I posted pictures of my surroundings and places I have gone. I am sure people got the sense that I liked to travel and was a fun dude. On todays account, I will post more about the things I have accomplished and places I have gone and things that I think people will like. I feel that on my recent post people get the sense that I am a cool person and like doing crazy things. The only problem is my old account is still out there and that does not represent me anymore. I am not the same as I used to be. 

I have had the same snapchat my whole life, but I operate differently than I did back then. When I first had snapchat I did not talk to alot of people and I was more shy. I did not snap people that I did not know and I did not start random conversations. Today I will add random people and just start snapping them. I am very social on social media today and about a year ago I spent up to two hours everyday on snapchat. Today I only spend about one hour because I have been busy with school and work.

In summary my addiction to social media has made me the cumulative and authentic person I am today. Without social media I would have changed in a different way. I believe that all things happen for a reason and I am glad of who I am. Social media was just one of the many things that impacted who I am.

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Almost lost him

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? In the article “Seeing ourselves through technology” Jill Walker Rettberg states “when creating a photo album many aspects of life are filtered”. When looking at a photo you may not think about the experience of that photo or how the photo was taken by the person behind it. Has filtering ruined the experience behind a photo. Many people will judge a photo that has been posted and not know anything about why or how the picture was presented.

    One time I was visiting my cousins in Wisconsin. My cousin Louis and I had nothing to do, so we came up with the idea of going cliff jumping. We drove to a campground about thirty minutes away. Once we got to the campground it was another ten minute hike. Then we found a forty foot cliff and decided it would be fun to jump off of it. We were both scared at first but once we manned up it was a blast. Louis and I got a little too comfortable and decided we needed to do something cool. Louis who could do backflips started off doing them at the shorter cliff of about ten feet. Then he decided he was ready for the big jump. I was there taking photos and as soon as he jumped, I got a cool photo of him in the air. It was not until he got out of the water that he realized something had happened. Louis hopped out of the water and stared at his leg. Thick blood was gushing out with bubbles and all he said was, “I think something is wrong with my leg”. We were able to get him home to the ER with only six stitches. Then later that night we looked at the photos and showed family members who were all surprised. They all thought it was a cool picture but to me and Louis it meant something more. I remember the picture as the time Louis almost died.  

Every picture has a story behind itself. It’s important to remember not to judge a photo by the way it looks. A photo could have been taken through many circumstances. This filter behind a photo has expressions beyond imagain.

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Blog Adventure

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Mike Bizeau

This blog was very well presented and it looked appealing to the eye.


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This blog had many photos. It is not super easy to find what you are looking for. There are just posts and you have to look through them one by one.

The 2% of People I Trust

In the article “Blogosphere” Graham Lampa states “The form of journalism found in the blogosphere has the potential to pull power away from the dominant one way communication.” (Lampa 1) How does social media affect different forms of communication between people in person and online? Communication is important when it comes to being around people.

Journalism is a way of self representing yourself. When it comes to doing that online, this can be done on Instagram, Facebook and many other social media apps. Like blogosphere you can take away the one way conversational community. When you are texting someone online it is now possible to make group chats which can include many people. It is no possible to make group chats on Instagram, Snapchat and the Messaging app. I have a Soccer and Lacrosse group chat for my team where I can stay in touch and talk with the players. You can even FaceTime on group chats because of technology advancements today. This builds the community in the social network.

When face to face when you are online and in person. It is a whole different world. When I talk to my friends on social media I text a certain way and text things I usually do not say in person. When I am in person, I act like myself and talk differently with different people in person. When I am around people that I do not talk with a lot I am more quiet then I am around my good friends. I do not make as many jokes and I try to fit in when I am around my “friends”. I feel comfortable when I act like myself. When it comes to being on social media I like to post about interesting things and try to make it look like I am a cool person. There are a lot of people that I follow on my Instagram and I would say I only know about 30% of the people I follow. Only 10% of those people being my friends and about 2% of my followers being people that actually know me. The 2% of people are the ones that I trust and have a good personal relationship with. 

     Sometimes I will comment on a person’s post even if I do not know them because I think something is funny. Same thing with likes. I would like all these posts from different people even though I do not know them. Sometimes I will add a random person’s snapchat so I can try to get to know who they are. Sometimes they will leave me on read and sometimes they will start a little conversation. I may be talking to a person online and if I see them in person I may never even say anything to them because I am afraid to meet them. I do this because I don’t really know what the person is like in the real world. I may know what they like and what they are going through but I do not know how they act. One time I was snapping this one girl and she seemed pretty chill and cool so I thought. I went on a date and I was super nervous because I have never talked to the person in real life. Once I had meet her I realized she was totally different than I imagined her to be. I feel that social media doesn’t show what people are actually like in the real world. It only shows what people are doing. 

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Creative Commons

After looking through all the options of copy right licenses I would the ones I wanted to use. I choose “Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).” Which allows people to copy and redistribute the material in any way. It also means that you can not the material for any commercial use. I choose this because I do not want people making money off of stuff I wrote. I also do not mind if people use what I write and fix it up a little for their purpose. I want my work to be used in different places. I just don’t want money being made off it because it ruins the idea of what I am writing about.

My Internet Life

After reading chapter one of “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology” written by Jill Walker Rettberg. I found three methods of self-portrayal in life. There is written, visual and quantitative self representation. It is easy to self document or self represent yourself in today’s world. That is all thanks to technology. It is so much simpler for people to see everything you add to the internet. The number of people that will view your self documentation through social media is simply amazing. I express myself in different ways through social media and even simply in my notebook.  

Written self representation can be anything from notes, journals, written memories or diaries. Personally, I tend to write notes about what I am thinking. This helps me remember what I wanted to say or do when I hear about something I want to remember. I enjoy writing music on my phone. It is a way for me to express my words about the topic of a song I am writing. 

Visual self representation is expressed through appearance such as what you wear. Photos, videos and portraits is also visual representation. I tend to take many photos with friends and family because it is a memory I want to cherish. I then post the photos or videos of things I did with my friends on Instagram and or Facebook. I like to receive likes and comments on my post. I always think of a good caption that people will like so I do not receive any negative comments. I never really get any negative feed surprisingly.  I think it is because I post about what people are going to like opposed to something people might find boring.

Examples of quantitative representation are having planners and keeping track of what you are trying to get done. Devices such as fitbits and apple watches can keep data of your heart rate and even calorie intake. I have a planner in which I write down what homework I have and when I am going to study. This helps me manage my time and makes school easier for myself. 

Without technology my internet life would be nothing. I would really only be able to document myself through a planner or a notebook. Thanks to the internet I can now see how my friends represent themselves online as well as myself. Technology has changed the way the world works today.   

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Belt in his hands

After reading the article “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” one of Kyle D. Stedman’s main points was about how it is important to use factual sources when writing or else you could get yourself into a situation. A situation is a condition or position in which you find yourself. Have you ever been in a situation? It is important to always use the right sources that fit into the content even if you might get into a situation such as finding a source but not knowing if it is true.

I’ve got myself into numerous situations some being really bad and some helpful. When I was younger, my parents were missionaries and we had moved to Haiti. I attended a private catholic school from third to sixth grade. When I was in sixth grade, I was told to memorize a certain lesson for the next day. I went home that day exhausted from school and just went off to do other stuff other than homework. Suddenly the morning came and I got to school and the teacher walks in and says with a belt in his hands, “Time to tell me your verse.” I then started to panic and I tried to start memorizing my lesson but I didn’t have enough time. “What does John 1:1 say Abraham?” I stood there and said nothing. He then motioned for me to stand outside of the classroom. The teacher then finished asking everyone and joined me and a couple other kids outside with a belt in his hands. I was really worried and my heart was pounding super hard just waiting to get whipped. Then the teacher said “all of you must stay after school for an hour and you will tell me your verses before you go home.” I was relieved and since that day I knew all of my lessons because I never wanted to be in that situation ever again.

I once got myself into a good situation when I had a physics test that was supposed to happen on a Wednesday. Then all of a sudden it got pushed back a day because the teacher did not feel everyone was ready for the test. Another time my drivers ed paper about ‘how to be a safe driver’ was due on Monday and it was Sunday and I did not do anything but suddenly realized my brother took the same class. So I looked around on the computer for papers about ‘how to be a safe driver’ and there it was. All I had to do was print it out and bring it to class.

Getting yourself into a bad situation is not a good thing. If you are trying to write an article on Haiti it is best to use me as a source because I lived in Haiti. Using someone from Finland as a source is not a good idea because they do not have any knowledge about Haiti. Make sure your sources are credible. It is important to always use valuable sources that fit with the context in order to keep the article educational.

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Writer within a reader

Read like a writer

To read like a writer means to get involved in the text and decide whether you want to use it for yourself. Reading like a writer means asking questions and trying to figure out what is going on in the text. When it comes to life, I wonder if the Bible and all its stories really came true.

What I believe

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1

 When I read the Bible I ask myself questions such as, is the Bible reliable?. I grew up in a Christian household and accepted Christ into my life when I was about eleven years old. Since then I have grown in my knowledge of Christ and the Bible. Everything I know about creation comes from the Bible, science and my surroundings. By surroundings, I mean nature itself pointing to the creation of God. For example everything has a creator. A picture does not draw itself an artist draws the picture. Therefore the artist is the creator of the masterpiece. Why is God the creator of the earth? It says so Genesis 1:1. Well what if the Bible is a lie? “The Bible has a tremendous amount of historical detail, so not everything mentioned in it has yet been found through archaeology. However, not one archaeological find has conflicted with what the Bible records”(“Glueck, Nelson”).This proves the historical evidence that most of the stories in the Bible are true.

Well what about the Bible being translated so many times that it’s carotid? “The accuracy of today’s Old Testament was confirmed in 1947 when archaeologists found “The Dead Sea Scrolls” along today’s West Bank in Israel. “The Dead Sea Scrolls” contained Old Testament scripture dating 1,000 years older than any manuscripts we had. When comparing the manuscripts at hand with these, from 1,000 years earlier, we find agreement 99.5% of the time. And the .5% differences are minor spelling variances and sentence structure that doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence”(“Every Student”). Asking myself questions about what I believe to be true is important when it comes to finding the truth. If I continue to read like a writer I will grow more in my knowledge and this can help me become a better writer. 


I truly believe that God is real and I may not have answered all the questions that non believers have but I did answer the questions that I myself had as a believer when I started growing in my faith. I ask questions before I read the Bible and I try my best to use the resources that I have to figure out what is happening in the passage. This helps me to become a better writer, communicator and reader. 

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